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April 2016

Ethics – Tackling prostitution

In March, the Home Affairs Committee held its first hearing as part of an inquiry into the law on prostitution.…

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The works of William Perkins

Recently, Christian literary organisation ‘Books At a Glance’ interviewed Stephen Yuille and Joel Beeke about the recent publication of The…


April 2016

Education – Parents responsible

Churches must help parents to engage with their children’s schools, so the state does not have the final word on…


April 2016

Inductions – Free Church inductions

One of the most experienced ministers in the Free Church of Scotland has become the next minister of Stornoway Free…


April 2016

‘Beautiful in his time’ (1)

The New England theologian Jonathan Edwards is famous for his description of the progress of redemption history: ‘It may here…

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When God Breaks in: revival can happen again
Michael Green

This book is about revival. The author is convinced that it can happen again in Western Europe, despite the sad state of the church. He writes in order to urge readers to believe that God can work again. Dr Green…

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Crown of Thorns
Tim Chester

Upon first seeing this book, readers may wonder what issue is being addressed. But Tim Chester explains the problem and answers it well. The question concerns the gospel. Is the gospel about the coming of the kingdom of God and…

Scottish Theology in relation to Church History
John Macleod

In 1939, the principal of the Free Church of Scotland college, Dr John Macleod, delivered a series of lectures at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He was an acknowledged master of his chosen subject, Scottish theology. His ten lectures were…

The Lord’s Day: why we go to church twice on Sundays
David Campbell

These companion booklets (see also What does the Bible really say about the importance of Sundays?) provide teaching on an important subject that needs to be re-emphasised in our present age: the significance of the Lord’s Day for believers, and…