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August 2004

Missionary Spotlight-Artur Marandyan’s testimony

I was born on 1 November 1975, in Kirovogam (now Fanatsor) in Armenia. I was brought up in a good…

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August 2004

Revival in Essex

If you are sometimes tempted to think that 'Old England' has gone for ever - that few quiet corners of…

August 2004

Preaching Christ

Preaching Christ from the Old Testament'Then  Paul... reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and demonstrating that the Christ had…

August 2004

The cutting edge

What does inerrancy mean? It means that the Bible is wholly true. Paul Feinberg has written, 'Inerrancy means that when…

August 2004

The onset of the 1904 revival –…

These events are reported without theological analysis1891: Evan Roberts (1878-1950), converted as a young boy, becomes a communicant member at…

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