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August 2010

ET COMMENT – The importance of the…

ET COMMENT The importance of the unimportant  What is important in our society? In our superficial age, things readily get turned on…

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August 2010

The strange story of a strange man

The strange story of a strange man Roger Ellsworth Balak, King of Moab, had a serious problem on his hands. He was…


The Big Interview – God’s economy

The Big Interview  God's economy Former World Bank economist Dr Michael Schluter CBE, founder of the Jubilee Centre and the Relationships…


August 2010

News – What you think

What you think 'You are not what you think you are; what you think, you are', she said, before proceeding to…


August 2010

World Mission – We cannot stay out…

We cannot stay out of prison! 'Hi Tim. What on earth are you doing in here again?'     'Breach of licence. This…

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