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August 2016

Whatever happened at Salters’ Hall (1)

‘History’, said Henry Ford, ‘is more or less bunk’. The Roman statesman Cicero had a very different view: ‘he who…

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August 2016

Media – Good for you?

Being strongly religious could significantly improve your physical and mental health and well-being, a study from think-tank Theos has claimed.…


August 2016

LETTER FROM AMERICA: How American churches justified…

‘There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a…


August 2016

Mission – 25 years of the Christian…

Spiritual and moral decline is still prevalent in the UK and there is still a need to recover a Christian…


August 2016

Education – Emmaus School, Staverton

Emmaus School in Staverton, Wiltshire, has recently unveiled its building extension plans. Starting in 1997 with just four pupils, the…

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Ecclesiastes – A Quest for Meaning
John D. Currid

It is commonly acknowledged that Ecclesiastes is one of the most difficult biblical books to understand. Many believers puzzle over its meaning, as they grapple with the author’s seemingly bleak view of life, where ‘all is vanity and grasping for…

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BST – The message of Joshua
David G. Firth

A college lecturer specialising in the Old Testament, David Firth has authored several commentaries on the Hebrew Scriptures prior to this volume. His expertise in the Hebrew language and Israelite customs inform this book throughout, making it an enjoyable read.…

Focus on the Bible – Joel & Obadiah
Iwan Rhys Jones

This is an edifying commentary, in the Focus on the Bible series, on Joel and Obadiah. It is readable, concise and well structured. It focuses on expounding the text of these two books, pulling together larger themes, as well as…

I was sick and you visited me
Mike Mellor

This is a short, helpful and practical book on ministering to those in need. It is full of wise advice, and thoroughly biblical in its approach. It addresses many practical questions, such as who should visit the sick and why…