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Conference – Transgender conference

The addresses given at this year’s Family Education Trust conference focused on a topic much in the public consciousness, and…

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Event – Scottish confusion

On 5 July, a memorial service was held for Dr Gordon Wilson, former leader of the Scottish National Party and…


Church – Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland has become embroiled in more controversy after its moderator, Rt Rev. Dr Derek Browning, took steps…


Education – Turkey and evolution

Turkey’s plans, announced in June 2017, to banish the teaching of evolution in schools have been met with disquiet and…


Society – Humanist wedding

Northern Ireland held its first ever legal humanist wedding in June, after a lengthy legal battle to secure recognition. Laura…

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Book Reviews from August 2017

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Luther and the 9.5 Theses
Kenneth Brownell

Unless you have been hiding in a monastery, you will know that this year is the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. A plethora of publications have appeared, drawing attention to this fact at various levels and from…

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Pilgrims under Pressure
Alec Taylor

Ezekiel is an apt prophet with which to begin this collection of devotions that encourage saints under pressure to stay faithful to the gospel. Those who have become lukewarm in their devotion to the Lord will be challenged by Ezekiel’s…

Reader’s Bible (NKJV)

How do you approach the Bible? As a reference volume to look up answers to certain questions? As a divine book given to us by God in which we hear him speaking? Have you ever wondered if the layout of…

The Lion’s Honey – lessons from the life of Samson
John Benton

In this short book, John Benton walks us through the life of Samson. While the wider context and general teaching of Judges 13-16 is outlined, the focus is specifically on lessons in leadership. Samson is an enigmatic character. His inclusion…