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December 2015

Education – Highland Theological College

Highland Theological College (HTC), University of the Highland and Islands, has appointed two members of staff to run its newly…

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December 2015

Armenians, ‘experts in the art of dying’…

Christian evangelist Roger Carswell shares with ET readers an edited version of a booklet first penned by his grandfather, Rev.…


December 2015

Conference – Preparing for persecution

This was the title for the sixteenth annual ‘God’s Glory: Our Joy’ Conference, held in Warrington on 10th October. The…


December 2015

From Catholicism to Christ

How can I be right with the one, true and holy God? Have you ever pondered that question? The question…


December 2015

The surprising story of Colonel James Gardiner…

Commemorations of the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 have grabbed many headlines this year, as…

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