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LETTER FROM AMERICA: President Kennedy’s assassination

On Friday 22 November 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated while riding in…

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Christians and slavery

Evangelicals rightly celebrate William Wilberforce. His Christian beliefs motivated his historic effort to secure the abolition of the slave trade,…


Conference – UK Creation Mega Conference 2017

Half-term week (26-28 October) saw 1,600 people from 16 nations, including 500 under-18-year olds, attending the UK Creation Mega Conference…


Conference – Gateshead Reformation conference

St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Gateshead, was the location for a conference from 12-14 October, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the…


Conference – Scottish Reformed Baptist Conference

In the beautiful, autumnal setting of Pitlochry, nearly 40 members of churches across Scotland met for a second Scottish Reformed…

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Evolution: still a theory in crisis
Michael Denton

Michael Denton is a British-Australian biochemist. This book is an update of his 1985 title, Evolution: a theory in crisis.  It contains many technical terms and more than 800 endnotes, referencing academic works in support of his thesis. However, the…

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Moving On – Beyond Forgive and Forget
Ruth Ann Batstone

Forgiveness is an issue that Christians will deal with until their dying day. It is not just ‘forgetting’: withholding full forgiveness comes at a cost, whether physical (lowered immunity), emotional (anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, anger, bitterness, etc.) or spiritual (putting…

When Evangelicals Care
Brian H. Edwards

Social care for the elderly is a much discussed issue and this publication is timely. It is the account of how a group of young Christians, concerned for the suffering of aged believers, became the wide-ranging Pilgrims’ Friend Society. It…

For the Glory – The life of Eric Liddell
Duncan Hamilton

Biographies of Christians can be rich feasts that inspire believers. How excellent it is to have a new work that should rank as one of the best of this present generation. Duncan Hamilton is a sports writer and apparently not…