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February 2000

Being Positive?

Dave, a young man who worked with me when I first came to Miller Avenue Baptist Church, wanted to preach…

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February 2000

Christ, our Wisdom and our Righteousness

A sermon that well illustrates how justification by faith alone lay at the heart of the eighteenth-century Evangelical revival is…

February 2000

‘A Little Fair Man’ -Samuel Rutherford

A seventeenth-century Englishman heard some well-known preachers in Scotland. Later he said, 'I came to Irvine, and heard a well-favoured,…

February 2000

Sola Scriptura: Conflict & Triumph

In his epistle to the Romans the apostle Paul poses a rhetorical question. 'Who shall separate us from the love…

February 2000

Wrestling with God

I rememberhow, years ago, I sat with my father on a Saturday afternoon watching wrestling on the television. Names such…

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