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February 2004

The new pagans

Pagans were the country folk ('pagan' means country dweller) who resisted organised religion and practised ancient rituals and ceremonies. Their…

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February 2004

Feeling medium

Although I know something was wrong, the news came as a shock. I've always imagined myself blasting through the golden…


February 2004

Concerning Cults

Mormon Fundamentalists (3)Do Dan Lafferty and Osama bin Laden have anything in common? 'I've asked myself that', Dan acknowledges. In…


February 2004

The cutting edge-An occasional series on doctrinal…

The late twentieth and early twenty-first century have witnessed the proliferation of churches, some of which have mushroomed overnight into…


A-level – and the fall of Byzantium

It is often said that our education system is being 'dumbed down'. Achievements are becoming meaningless because standards are being…

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