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Forty years of evangelicalism in America

I congratulate Evangelical Times for its 40 years of publication, and commend the Editors for holding firm the true Christian…

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February 2007

From evolution to faith in Christ

I was raised in a Christian home by loving parents, who insisted that my older sister and I attend church…

February 2007

Four decades of good things

ChurchesChurches have been planted or transformed beyond recognition. In such churches one can be sure of many things - being…

February 2007

A fight on our hands

The year 2007 unfolds amid the noise of battle. Not the strife in Iraq and Afghanistan (though these countries certainly…

February 2007

Forty years at Spurgeon’s Tabernacle

The editors have kindly asked me to sketch the Lord's work at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (or Spurgeon's Tabernacle) over the…

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