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February 2008

News – Archbishops’ damp squib

Archbishops' damp squibThe Church of England has issued its response to the Anglican Covenant first mooted by the Windsor Group…

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February 2008

News – Queen Jezebel

Queen JezebelAn ancient seal discovered in 1964 and long thought to be connected to Queen Jezebel has had its pedigree…

Chinese new year – a Christian perspective

Chinese new year - a Christian perspective The symbols, traditions and festivals of the Chinese New Year are deeply rooted…

February 2008

News – Doctors’ warning on alcohol

Doctors' warning on alcoholDoctors' leaders have called on the UK Government to raise the price of alcohol to curb the…

February 2008

A common word?

A common word?Last October the issue of interfaith dialogue was thrust into the limelight by a letter from 138 Islamic…

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