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Grace and glory

Grace and glory John was arguably the person closest to Jesus during his three years of incarnate ministry. He described…

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February 2012

‘I haven’t lost her’

The old Christian's wife of many years had died and the other believers in the church were not slow to…


February 2012

Hibernian heritage

Hibernian heritageThe Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) has defended its stance against parliamentary policies to classify civil and homosexual partnerships…


Meeting Abdul

Meeting Abdul The meeting takes place in his small grocery shop. [The Christian's speech is italicised.] Hi! Good morning! My…


February 2012

Faraday – Man of science and man…

DVD reviewFaraday — Man of science and man of GodProfessor Andy McIntosh2011 Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe), £9.00A sad trend in…

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Moving in the Right Circles
Chick Yuill

Too many people find their experience as Christians incomplete and unsatisfactory... Jamal enjoys his voluntary work with down-and-outs but finds church irrelevant. Jack believes he's going to heaven but isn't sure what difference Jesus makes to him now. Aimee loves…

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Bringing the gospel home
Randy Newman

Sharing the gospel with a family member can be an exciting experience—and often a long, painful, and confrontational one. Randy Newman recognizes it can be more difficult and frustrating to witness to a family member than to nearly anyone else.…

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Faraday – Man of Science and Man of God
Professor Andy McIntosh

Professor Andy McIntosh discusses the scientific discoveries of Faraday, in particular the most well known of his discoveries which is the connection between magnetism and electricity. He shows from Faraday's writings and lectures, his deep convictions concerning his faith in…

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One Lord, One Plan, One People
Rodger Crooks

New to the Bible? One Lord, One Plan, One People will help you uncover what the Bible is all about as it takes you on a journey from Genesis to Revelation, pointing out the main features of each book. Want…