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Personal holiness essential for leaders

I was recently invited to a ministers’ lunch at Grace Baptist Church, Dunstable. The speaker was Rico Tice from All…

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Dr Phillip E. Johnson (1940-2019)

Author, law professor and ‘Father of the Intelligent Design movement’, Dr Phillip E. Johnson has died aged 79. Following a…


Rev. John M. Davies (1938-2019)

Rev. John M. Davies died last November following a 5-year illness. His last days were characterised by grace and blessing;…


Induction of Rev. Graeme Craig in Ayr

The 18-month pastoral vacancy at Ayr Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) was filled last November as Rev. Graeme Craig was…


Gaulby Fellowship disbands after nine years

With much sadness, members of Gaulby Reformed Evangelical Anglican Fellowship jointly decided to discontinue the church last October. Based seven…

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The Subversive Puritan: Roger Williams and freedom of conscience
Mostyn Roberts

Despite his statue featuring on Geneva’s famous Reformation Wall, Roger Williams (1603-83) is better remembered today by secular historians than by evangelical believers. The Subversive Puritan should help to redress this. The title is apposite. Williams’ theology was thoroughly Reformed,…

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How Shall They Hear: Why non-preachers need to know what preaching is
Ryan McGraw

There are so many books about preaching on the market and here is yet another one. However this one comes with a difference, as its focus is on the hearers of preaching rather than on those who preach. As the…

The Westminster Standards for Today
Kevin Bidwell

It is probably true to say that the Westminster Assembly’s Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms have become the best known but least read subordinate standards in Presbyterian churches the world over. Indeed, late 19th and early 20th…

Church life — Its nature, privileges, demands and blessings
Paul E. Brown

‘Whose church is it? How should it then order itself?’ We live in days when ‘God’s / Christ’s’, and, ‘according to the Scriptures’ are sadly not always the answers given, at least in practice. The view of the church as…