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January 1995


In the early 1930s, in spite of a growing threat of invasion, there was in many parts of China a…

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January 1995

Preaching the gospel

PART 2 Hyper-calvinism and the call of the gospel by David J. Engelsma (Reformed Free Publishing Association, 216 pages) is…

The State of the Nation

Where there is no vision, the people perish' (Proverbs 29: 18) might also be translated, 'Where there is ignorance of…

January 1995

Do not trust your FEELINGS

The other day I was trying to explain the principle of sofa Scriptura to someone. It was not going very…

January 1995

A confusion of demons

When, in the late 1980s, evangelical book reviewers commended Frank E. Peretti's novels it was because they felt. (a) they…

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