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January 2003

EMW camps 2002

It is with a great sense of gratitude to God that we offer this report on the EMW outdoor camp…

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January 2003

Missionary Spotlight-Evangelicalism in Austria today

Churches in Austria that hold to the great historic Reformed confessions are almost non-existent. The Lutheran (Evangel-isch) Church has a…

January 2003

Christ the Mediator

The pinnacle and crowning glory of Mount Zion - the church - is that we have come 'to Jesus the…

January 2003

September 11 revisited

 September 11 revisitedSixteen months ago, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Cente and the Pentagon sent us reeling. This…

January 2003

Missionary Spotlight-Church-planting in Austria

During the 20th century, Protestant state churches in Austria became increasingly liberal in theology. Today, the Reformed Evangelische Kirche, while…

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