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January 2004

Baptised by the Spirit

There are different views concerning baptism in the Spirit, even among Reformed Christians. Some see this baptism as synonymous with…

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January 2004

Missionary Spotlight-Haiti’s forgotten nightmare

Haiti has the dubious distinction of being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. According to a UN report, it…

January 2004

Preaching Christ

Idoubt whether anyone called to preach would quarrel with the apostle Paul's sentiments. In theory at least, we all agree…

January 2004

Guest Column-Creation is no side issue

It is my heartfelt prayer for this nation that the church would at last begin to see that creation is…

Parables for profit 2-Travelling by balloon

As a child I was fascinated by an adventure of Rupert Bear in which he took a ride in the…

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