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January 2005

Zambia’s day of opportunity

Everything will be revealed at the judgement seat of Christ and we must judge nothing before the time. Nevertheless, we…

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Missions – a perennial problem

When a young pastor named Rey married, he and his wife settled in a small village on the island of…


January 2005

Missionary Spotlight-Christ in the Himalayas

Undoubtedly, the most significant story in the Nepali church of the last 20 years is the movement to Christ of…


January 2005

Missionary Spotlight-Church growth

Just over 50 years ago a Nepali Brahman and his family walked across the border from India up into the…


January 2005

Why did Bush win?

George Bush's 2004 electoral victory, when he won both the electoral college and popular vote, may well be down to…

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Urban Harvest: Biblical perspectives on Christian mission in the inner cities

It has now been over twenty years since Roy Joslin's book Urban Harvest was first published. At the time it was acclaimed by some as ground-breaking and incisive in its analysis of the urban church situation. But others saw it…

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