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January 2006

PC or BC? Political correctness strikes again

PC has been trying to stamp out BC. The infamously subversive 'Political Correctness' squad recently struck again. This time they…

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A culture of death?

The case against legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide 'For two millennia the Hippocratic tradition has stood for the "sanctity" of…

January 2006

Labour not in vain

When Paul and Barnabas preached the gospel at Antioch, Pisidia, the Jews 'were filled with envy' and spoke against the…

January 2006

Missionary Spotlight-New Age spirituality

Chile was just entering winter. I disembarked from the airplane at 3.00am but the morning would reveal the gorgeous, snow-covered…

January 2006

Clothed with Christ

What would you give to a primitive stone-age tribe - nicknamed Aucas ('naked savages') by their Quechua neighbours - to…

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