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January 2008

News – Pullman film divides church groups

Pullman film divides church groupsThe Golden Compass, a new film from award winning novelist Philip Pullman, has come under heavy…

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January 2008

Understanding Hebrews

Understanding Hebrews The central doctrine of the epistle to the Hebrews is Christ's eternal priesthood and his finished sacrifice for the…

January 2008

Life in a cake mixer

Life in a cake mixer 'The life-giving miracle of Dr Venter', screamed the headline (The Times, 26 January, p.32). Along…

January 2008

News – John Blanchard in Albania

John Blanchard in AlbaniaWhen John Blanchard first visited Albania over a year ago, three things hit him. The first was…

January 2008

The fool says …

The fool says ‚ĶAtheism does not spring from superior rationality. It is the fool, says the psalmist, who says in…

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