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July 2005

Is the pope a Roman Catholic?

I hear you say, 'Don't be silly, of course he is! Everybody knows the pope's a Roman Catholic!' But do…

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July 2005

Missionary Spotlight-Spanish Christian literature

Editorial Peregrino (Pilgrim Press) is a Reformed publishing house based in Spain that publishes and distributes sound Christian literature in…

July 2005

Modern Christian mysticism

Classical mysticism was virtually  unknown in evangelical circles until 1978, when Quaker minister Richard J. Foster published Celebration of discipline,…

Missionary Spotlight-Christ in the multi-faith prison maze

A highly respected chaplaincy source explained to me the difference between multi-faith and inter-faith. Multi-faith allows freedom of religion for…

July 2005

Abram and the King of Salem

The bad news arrived out of the blue. Along with other inhabitants of Sodom, Abram's nephew Lot had been taken…

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