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July 2009

News – Rev. John Waite (1925–2009)

Rev. John Waite (1925–2009) I first met Mr and Mrs Waite as a student in Sheffield, when I attended the homely,…

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July 2009

News – US opposition to abortion rises

US opposition to abortion rises The latest US survey shows that the US is more opposed to abortion than for several…

July 2009

Missionary Spotlight – Sri Lanka’s painful aftermath

Sri Lanka's painful aftermath On 19 May the President of Sri Lanka declared the 25-year-old civil war between the Sinhalese government…

July 2009

News – Fit for a King

Fit for a King The Royal Show is in its last year, as the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) cannot…

July 2009

News – Christians increase vote in EU…

Christians increase vote in EU election The Christian Party and Christian People's Alliance increased their share of the vote to come…

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