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July 2014

Islamic radicalism

Nations are ‘sleep-walking’ if they believe that radicalism and fundamentalism are things that happen far away from home, Ade Omooba…

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July 2014

A sweet or biblical Jesus?

Do you have a ‘sweet Jesus’ in your heart, but not a ‘biblical Jesus’ in your mind? You need both;…


July 2014

Why Christians need to keep hearing the…

What is the gospel’s place in our Sunday services? By the term ‘gospel’ I mean evangelistic or gospel preaching. One…


July 2014

Personal View: The Christian and fantasy fiction…

      How should a Christian think of fantasy fiction? Opinions seem to range from extreme caution to enthusiastic…


July 2014

Dividing the church

Church denominations both sides of the Atlantic are being forced to address the issue of same-sex marriage, with several groups…

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Christ Crucified
Donald Macleod

Christ Crucified —Understanding the Atonement Donald Macleod IVP 255 pages, £10.87 ISBN 978-1-78359-101-5 Star rating: Four stars   There are few more wonderful subjects to study than the atonement and anyone who reads this book is in for a treat.…

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The Beauty and the Glory of the Father
The Beauty and the Glory of the Father
Joel Beeke

The beauty and glory of the Father Edited by Joel Beeke Reformation Heritage Books, 156 pages, £15:10 (hardback) or £6.64 (Kindle) ISBN: 978-1-60178-246-5 Star Rating : 4 stars This is a beautifully produced book of rich devotional content. It contains…

The hitch-hiker’s guide to heaven
John Blanchard

The hitch-hiker’s guide to heavenJohn BlanchardEP Books, 304 pages, £10.99ISBN: 978-0-85234-938-0Star rating : 4 Many people today have more of Marvin — the depressive robot created by Douglas Adams — than marvel in them, concerning life. God made man a…

This God Our God
This God Our God
Archibald G. Brown

This God Our God Archibald G Brown Banner of Truth Trust 252, £8.00 ISBN: 978-1-84871-297-3 Star Rating: 4  Archibald Brown was a late nineteenth-century Baptist, whose ministry rivalled that of his mentor C. H. Spurgeon for fruitfulness. Iain Murray’s 2011…