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Commendation for SASRA evangelist

A SASRA Scripture Reader based at MOD Lyneham, Wiltshire has received an official commendation for his Christian outreach work among…

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Bill Barkley (1929–2020)

William (‘Bill’) Wallace Barkley, 90, was promoted to glory on 5 April 2020, dying peacefully at home after battling cancer…


Ravi Zacharias (1946–2020)

Prominent apologist, author, and speaker Ravi Zacharias has died aged 74 following a brief battle with cancer. An online memorial…


New Timothy Dudley-Smith hymn for SASRA

Acclaimed hymn-writer Timothy Dudley-Smith OBE has written a new composition inspired by the work of the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture…


500 attend Bedford induction

A great number gathered at Providence Baptist Chapel, Bedford, in March for the induction service of Oliver Wyncoll. Some travelled…

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Clash of Visions: Populism and Elitism in New Testament Theology (Reformed Exegetical Doctrinal Studies series)
Robert W. Yarbrough

Robert Yarbrough wrote Clash of Visions in support of what he calls a ‘populist’ approach to the understanding of the New Testament, over against the ‘elitist’ approach which dominates much academic study of the Bible today. The elite, on Yarbrough’s definition, approach…

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Final Word: Why We Need the Bible
John MacArthur

If a book can lead you to The Book, then surely it is a book worth reading! Final Word seeks to do just that, teaching the reader about why we need the Bible, and therefore leading them back to the Word of…

Worship or Entertainment?
Peter Masters

Have you ever given serious thought to the principles behind what you sing? This is the challenge which Peter Masters issues in this revised and condensed edition of his well-known title, Worship in the Melting Pot. Written at a popular level,…

The Misted World of Genesis One
Michael L. Drake

There have been so many books on the creation chapters of Genesis that there have to be compelling reasons to recommend another addition. When I started to read Michael Drake’s book, I must admit that, from my knowledge of the…