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June 1997

Dumbing down worship

There is a phrase which was imported from America a couple of years ago: 'dumbing down' (from the German word…

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June 1997

Messages in stone

The sight of the stone tablets being hurled to the ground and broken, and the spectacle of Moses, the meek…

June 1997

Revival snapshots

Kirk of ShottsA considerable company of Christians from many different parts of Scotland gathered at Kirk of Shotts on Sunday…

June 1997

Missionary Spotlight – Republic of Albania

HistoryAlthough in New Testament times Albania had a flourishing Christian church, it had become part of the Ottoman Turk empire…

June 1997

Jane – Of whom the world was…

Twelve-year-old Jane was one of a group of young people who came each Sunday afternoon to Legh Richmond's home shortly…

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