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June 1998

The Significance of Savonarola

Five hundred years after his death, Savonarola remains an enigma. From his early years he felt intensely the sins of…

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June 1998

Concerning Cults

A nameless groupWho are they? That was the question put to me about five years ago by an anxious Christian.…

June 1998

World-views in collision

Reaching Orthodox Jews in Great Britain with the gospelTraditionally, Orthodox Jews have been most hostile to the gospel. With their…

June 1998

Loving God

One day a proud Pharisee, a lawyer by profession, who had seen Christ silence the Sadducees but still believed he…

June 1998

The presence of Christ

The Christian thirsts for the nearness of Christ. This should not be difficult to understand. We know what it is…

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