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June 2014

Sharia Watch

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for greater recognition of the threat that Islamism poses across the globe. Speaking…

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June 2014

Pakistan’s persecuted women

Every year, more than 1000 girls and young women — mostly Christians — are estimated to be kidnapped and forced…


June 2014

‘Out of the overflow of the heart,…

How shocked would you be if a local minister said to you, ‘Oh, we don’t really bother about women in…


John Calvin and his relevance for today…

This year marks the 450th anniversary of the death of John Calvin (1509–1564). In this continued article, we look at…


June 2014

God’s way with a dysfunctional family

In Genesis 27, we see a godly home, yet one where love and trust are missing. How can a family…

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Equipped to serve
Richard Bewes

Equipped to serveRichard BewesChristian Focus Publications224 pages, £8.99ISBN: 978-1-78191-286-7 This book is a pleasure to read from start to finish. The brief introduction brings a smile and also a challenge and sets the tone for the whole book, which is…

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Sovereign Service — the story of SASRA 1838–2013
Brigadier Ian Dobbie

Sovereign service — the story of SASRA 1838–2013Brigadier Ian DobbieSoldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association, 172 pages; £5.00ISBN: 0-9512486-0-XStar Rating : 4 This is the second edition of Brigadier Dobbie’s history of SASRA, first published in 1988 and now updated…

Time travel to the Old Testament
Chris Sinkinson

Time travel to the Old Testament Chris SinkinsonIVP, 208 pages, £9.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-904-1Star rating : 4 When my wife and I plan to travel to a country new to us, we consult a guidebook such as in the ‘Lonely Planet’…

Living by Revealed Truth
Tom Nettles

Living by revealed truth: the life and pastoral theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon Tom Nettles Christian Focus 700 pages, £29.99 ISBN: 978-1-78191-122-8 This labour of love from the pen of Tom Nettles has at least three strengths. The first is…