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June 2015

Flood theology: why does Noah’s Flood matter?…

The account of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 comprises 56 verses, while the account of the Flood in Genesis 6–9…

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June 2015

Kenya: massacre trauma

Students affected by post-traumatic stress after the Kenyan massacre in April are being given specialist counselling by Barnabas Fund’s partner…


June 2015


The Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) has warned churches that abusers may be infiltrating them in the guise of…


June 2015

Egyptian petition

Christian advocacy organisation Release International has launched its ‘Egypt: every right’ campaign, to help protect and encourage persecuted Christians in…


June 2015

Scottish conferences: Islands Study Conference

More than 100 people gathered at the 33rd Islands Study Conference in Tarbert. There were attendees from Rosskeen to Raasay, Sleat…

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God dwells among us: expanding Eden to the ends of the earth
Mitchell Kim

For two reasons, I am writing this review in a worried frame of mind. First, I found it challenging to fully comprehend. There are some tightly argued theological points with plenty of follow-up references. Second, I found myself frequently disagreeing…

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Staying fresh: serving with joy
Paul Mallard

Staying fresh: serving with joy Paul Mallard IVP 224, £10.99 ISBN: 978-1-78359-193-0 Star Rating: 4 There are few preaching experiences worse than delivering a lively sermon to a receptive congregation while feeling spiritually parched oneself. It’s encouraging to read this…

Survey of Church History (DVD)
W. Robert Godfrey

Have you ever felt that your grasp of church history is patchy at best? You read of great events in the past, but are uncertain where they fit into the whole canvas of God’s interventions and acts in previous days.…

Heroine of the Holocaust – Corrie Ten Boom
Anita Kosciecha

Heroine of the Holocaust - Corrie Ten Boom Anita Kosciecha Day One Publications 64 pages, £6.00 ISBN: 978-1-84625-421-5 Star Rating: 4 This little gem is a great summary for children of Corrie Ten Boom’s original classic The hiding place. Using…