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March 2000

The Synod of Dort

The date is Monday 6 May 1619. The place is the ‘Great Church’ in the influential city of Dordrecht (or…

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March 2000

Confessions of a small-town pastor

Small is beautiful, whether it be a tiny diamond on a fiancĂ©e's finger, a newborn baby in its bassinet, or…

March 2000

How secure is your home?

Home-ownership for all, with the security associated with it, was the dream of the eighties. For many, that dream has…

March 2000

It Amazes Me

It amazes me that anyone around here comes to Christ at all.  And it is no surprise that less than…

March 2000

Missionary Spotlight – The Church in South…

Although Portuguese Catholics predated the Dutch in landing at the Cape of Good Hope, the history of the gospel in…

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