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March 2003

Showtime Religion

Can the church fight apathy and materialism by feeding people’s appetite for entertainment? Evidently many in the church think so,…

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March 2003

Missionary Spotlight – The gospel in Thailand

Missionary pioneers first entered Thailand in the nineteenth century, during the reign of King NangKlao (1824-1851), the third king of…

March 2003

The offices of Christ

2. PriestWe are looking at the offices of Christ. Christ means anointed, and in the Old Testament, prophets, priests and…

March 2003

Missionary Spotlight – Open doors in Thailand

To be Thai is to be Buddhist. Most social activities, including building houses, celebrating annual festivals and attending funerals, are…

March 2003

Guest Column

There appears to be an increasing trend on both sides of the Atlantic for churches and individuals to take on…

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