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March 2013

Christian Heritage Centre welcomes home-school group

Christian Heritage Centre welcomes home-school groupA group of about 25 home-schooled children and their mothers spent the morning at the…

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March 2013

Increasing persecution

Increasing persecutionOutspoken Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has told a gathering of politicians and human rights organisation leaders that the influence of…


March 2013


Nine-a-DayThe Bible may be losing its influence among younger Christians, church leaders have warned.    Speakers, such as Chris Wright of…


March 2013

Prison outreach

Christian Prison Resources (CPR) has announced there are now roughly 21 weekly Bible studies being held in various prisons from Dover to Liverpool.


March 2013

Gay marriage in primary schools

Gay marriage in primary schoolsIf the Government finally succeeds in its attempt to redefine marriage, there could be far-reaching implications…

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Love Wins: At the Heart of Life’s Big Questions
Rob Bell

Now in paperback, Rob Bell’s Sunday Times Bestselling Love Wins is the world’s most talked-about modern Christian book. Creating controversy and discussion, Love Wins gets to the heart of questions about life and death.

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A new name
Emma Scrivener

The face of anorexia is not a glossy model in a perfume ad. It's a starving animal, circling the empty cupboards, blank-eyed and vacant. It's a face frozen in a rictus grin, mouthing lies. 'I'm fine,' it says. 'Everything is…

Pure Joy – Rediscover your conscience
Christopher Ash

Conscience is the Cinderella of the contemporary world. We hardly speak or think about our conscience. She is left behind while we get on with the party of life, untroubled by any serious self-examination. And yet conscience is a God-given…

emotions – living life in colour
Graham Beynon

We love them. We hate them. But we certainly cannot ignore them. Emotions can be wonderful things we love or horrible things we hate - depending on how we're feeling at the time. Sometimes we feel at their mercy and…