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March 2015

Page Three

Christians have called for The Sun newspaper to be banned, after a publicity stunt earlier this year in which Rupert…

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March 2015

Politics: Poverty in UK society

The plight of the poorest in UK society is likely to affect the way Christians vote in the forthcoming general…


March 2015

Mandritsara Good News Hospital, Madagascar

In ET, May 2014, World Mission featured the strategic work of Mandritsara Good News Hospital, Madagascar. This month, Dr David Mann, recently retired from many years missionary medical work there, shares about his colleagues. Readers unacquainted with this thriving work will readily understand that most successful ministries, including the apostolic ministry within Acts, have been team enterprises, albeit with gifted leaders.


March 2015

OAC: beyond the theatrical

Growing up in a church environment, Kevin Welch knew about God yet became disillusioned with the church. As a teenager,…


Challenge your comfort zone

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone for God? Many of us are content in our spiritual…

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First Wives’ Club
Clare Heath-Whyte

Why would we want to read about the lives of sixteenth-century wives? One good reason is that, although living in a completely different world to ours, they had the same human nature, strengths, challenges and frailties as we do. We…

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The Truth about Racism
Philip Asante

I found this book hard to review. This was not because I disagreed with the arguments of the author, but simply because of the book’s highly emotive subject matter. While I agreed with much of what was written, there were…

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Evangelicals in Wales
Eryl Davies

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Evangelicals in Wales Dr Eryl Davies Bryntirion Press 442, £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-78397-056-8 Star Rating: 4 Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ influence on evangelicalism in Wales did not wane when he moved from the 'Land of his Fathers' to…

The Blessed and Boundless God
George Swinnock

My interest in reviewing this book was enhanced by a comment from a reviewer on the back cover, who contrasted its brevity with Stephen Charnock’s tome The existence and attributes of God, through which I am slowly reading. I decided…