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Megan Franklin (1981-2018)

London Christians are groaning mutely at a fearful providence that has humbled us all, particularly the family of Brad and…

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Douglas Dawson (1922-2019)

On 17 January, Douglas Dawson passed into glory. He had pastored several churches, including fellowships in Stretham, Borough Green and…


Roland Burrows retirement

On 8th December 2018, a service was held at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Old Hill, West Midlands to give thanks…


Carey Conference 2019

Some would consider early January an inopportune time for a conference, but for many years good numbers of attendees have…


Hambleton Evangelical Church’s 50th anniversary

On the first weekend of 2019, members and friends of Hambleton Evangelical Church, near Thirsk, met to give thanks to…

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Teaching Ruth & Esther (Proclamation Trust)
Christopher Ash

This helpful aid for Bible study leaders and preachers will certainly remove any thought that these two very different Biblical books are strictly for ladies’ meetings. Boaz and Mordecai are shown to play as significant a part as Ruth and…

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A Face Like A Flint
Jeremy Walker

The title is inspired by Mark 10:32, where Jesus’ disciples were awestruck by the single-minded manner in which he made his way toward Jerusalem. Jeremy Walker describes movingly how the Lord Jesus recognised and embraced his identity as the Son…

The Grace of Shame: 7 Ways the Church Has Failed to Love Homosexuals
Tim Bayly

By God’s grace, the authors’ church ministry has led a large number of homosexuals to repentance and godly living. This change has involved more than simply abstaining from prohibited sexual activities, but a turning from the sin of ‘effeminacy’ (1…

Can We Trust the Gospels?
Peter J. Williams

This is almost unique as an apologetic resource. Christians usually must choose between big books which are scholarly or popular books which are simplistic. This book presents robust arguments that ordinary people can follow. In eight digestible chapters Williams serves…