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May 2004

Preaching Christ

5.   Preaching the atonementby Edgar Andrews'And I, brethren, when I came to you did not come with excellence of speech…

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May 2004

Spiritual Warfare

Are you familiar with the initials SLSW? For a significant number of Christians, especially in the West, the initials are…

May 2004

Missionary Spotlight – Open door in Cambodia

My wife and I are Korean missionaries who have served in Cambodia since September 1997. We are supported by the…

May 2004

‘The dungeon flamed with light’

Evangelical revivals of the 18th centuryJonathan Edwards and praying for revival (1)by Michael HaykinIn an essay published in the mid-1960s,…

May 2004


Engaging the enemySometimes we are faced with evil situations we cannot change. Most depressing are those that militate against gospel…

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