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May 2010

What evangelicals owe to Zinzendorf

What evangelicals owe to ZinzendorfNicholas Louis, Count and Lord of Zinzendorf and Pottendorf (to give him his full title), was…

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May 2010

Don’t be a VIP!

Don't be a VIP! The world makes much of VIPs (very important persons) - sometimes rightly. But there are other kinds…

May 2010

Book Review – This little church had…

This little church had none Gary E. Gilley with Jay WegterEP Books; 236 pages; £9.33; ISBN: 978-085234-708-9 In this, the third in…

May 2010

News – Proclamation Trust

Proclamation Trust The Proclamation Trust has announced the full programme for the Evangelical Ministry Assembly, its 2010 flagship conference for Bible…

May 2010

News – Green light

Green light Adverts for condoms, which target teenagers and are shown on daytime TV, are giving children the green light to…

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