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May 2012

Internet safety

Internet safetyLaws to make it more difficult for children to access hardcore pornography were introduced in Parliament before the Easter…

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May 2012

Jubilee Baptist Church, Occold

Jubilee Baptist Church, OccoldJubilee came into being on Sunday 4 March, the result of an amalgamation of Grove Evangelical and…


May 2012

The Clapham Sect and the slave trade…

On 24 February 1791, only a week before he died, John Wesley wrote his final letter. It was to William Wilberforce, and all about Wilberforce's struggles against the slave trade.


May 2012

A salvation that works

A salvation that worksGuest ColumnAre sinners able to come to Christ for salvation in their own power, and of their…


May 2012

Ogmore Vale

Ogmore ValeCalvary Baptist Church, at Ogmore Vale in Wales, has welcomed its new pastor, Owen Batstone.    Last February the church…

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The Sovreignty and Supremacy of King Jesus
Mike Abendroth

What thoughts flood our minds when we think about God? Do we think of Him as King? If so, what kind of King? In this book Mike Abendroth seeks to address a twofold problem: most Christians do not consider God…

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How Sermons Work
David Murray

How do sermons work? How does a preacher get from the basic nuts and bolts of a few Bible verses to the delivery of a full sermon? That’s the question David Murray answers in this instructive and immensely practical book.…

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C H Spurgeon’s Forgotten Prayer Meeting Addresses
Terence Peter Crosby

Spurgeon's magazine, The Sword and the Trowel, provided the material for various collections of his addresses and writings compiled after his death in 1892. Among these was Only a Prayer Meeting, published in 1901 and containing forty prayer meeting addresses…

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John Knox
John J. Murray

As well as modelling the Church in Scotland, Knox laid the foundation of an extraordinary forward-looking new state, way ahead of the time in such matters as education, social welfare and democracy. The Reformation had its effect in all spheres…