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Andrew Fuller, theologian of love

Andrew Fuller (1754–1815), an indefatigable and fearless Baptist theologian and minister, was an outstanding theologian, with qualities that make him one of the most attractive figures in Baptist history.

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May 2015

Redefining marriage

The push to present a positive image of same-sex families has hidden the devastation on which many are built. We must stand for marriage - and for the precious lives that marriage creates.


May 2015

Affinity Conferences – Theological Study Conference

The King’s Park Conference Centre, Northampton, was the new venue for the biannual Affinity Theological Study Conference, and the theme…


May 2015

Persecution – Bangladesh

Extreme vulnerability A local mob attacked a Christian couple after they were baptised on 2 February, in Gobindagonj, in the…


May 2015

Ashers Baking Company vs The State

The co-owner of Northern Ireland’s Ashers Baking Company told a court that she could not decorate a pro-gay marriage campaign…

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Before you say ‘I don’t believe’
Roger Carswell

In his usually clear and easy-to-read manner, Roger Carswell sets out to encourage non-Christians to ‘consider a little of the evidence for Christian belief’. Following his previous book, Grill a Christian, this new title aims to address a society pervaded…

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Spurgeon’s sorrows
Zack Eswine

Here is a book that addresses a severe problem concerning which there seems to be greater awareness these days: that of depression, both spiritual and psychological. The author tackles the issue by way of illustrations from the life and ministry…

Signposts from the Past
Reg Burrows

In the early 1990s, Reg Burrows’ Anglican congregation in Newcastle was wrestling with deep questions about its relationship with the Church of England. This followed the denomination’s consecration of female vicars and its general marginalisation of evangelicals. Signposts from the…

Something must be known and felt (a missing note in today’s Christianity)
Stuart Olyott

Those who know Stuart Olyott as a preacher or author will know that he is not given to reckless flights of fancy. This should be kept in mind while reading this book, which addresses the place of feeling in the…