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May 2016

Induction – Buckingham Chapel, Bristol

There was great rejoicing as friends gathered to celebrate the induction of Oliver Gross as the new pastor of Buckingham…

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May 2016

Persecution UK – Magistrate suspended

Christian magistrate Richard Page, 69, has been suspended as a non-executive director of an NHS trust. Earlier this year, he…


Foxe at 500

‘Foxe’ is not a name familiar to many Christians. It is the first word in the title of what is…


May 2016

Media – A good year for Bible…

In 2015, Bible Societies helped to complete translations in 50 languages spoken by nearly 160 million people. According to a…


May 2016

‘Beautiful in his time’ (2)

Jonathan Edwards, in A history of the work of redemption, demonstrates that a soteriological (saving) significance is traceable in nearly…

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The Star of Bethlehem
Stuart Burgess

This little book aims to help those who are seeking the Saviour, as well as encourage believers. Although there are 62 printed pages, there are only 35 of reading material, divided among preface, introduction and ten chapters. At a price…

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Confessions of a Childless Mother
Sarah Fuller

Parents may have always assumed children would come along one day. It may never have occurred that there would be a problem. This book, written by one who walked the path of childlessness with her husband Nick, invites us to…

Revolutionary Sex
William Taylor

Subtitled ‘How the good news of Jesus changes everything’, this book is based on a series of talks given by the rector of St Helen’s Church in Bishopsgate, London. It is ‘revolutionary’ in that it counters the 1960s culture, that…

Ecumenical quest for a world federation — the churches’ contribution to marshal public support for world order and peace, 1919-1945 
Martin Erdmann

This is an excellent work, which informs us of the past and gives us much to consider for the future. Erdmann writes of the era when World War I was approaching and a number of influential people gave thought to what…