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November 2006

Counting heads in Jamaica

The Christian church in Jamaica has strong colonial roots. The Spanish colonisers of the sixteenth century were followed by Roman…

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November 2006

From Darwin to Christ

Public schools in USA are off limits to religion, but that didn't stop Tom DeRosa. As a science instructor during…


The path to paradise – Christ or…

The BBC2 two-part screening of The Path to 9/11 (10-11 September 2006) was compulsive viewing. It was impossible to miss…


November 2006

A call for Christian risk

By removing eternal risk, Christ calls his people to continual temporal risk. For the followers of Jesus the final risk is…


November 2006

Loving the imperfect church

Attending the local Evangelical church had been a revelation to Sal. Brought up in a one-parent home with an agnostic…

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