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November 2009

Review – Kept safely in the darkest…

Kept safely in the darkest night - Stories for youngsters about the Second World War 1940-1945 Marcus BanfieldGospel Standard Trust Publications;…

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November 2009

Youth Supplement – Encouragment

Encouragment There is so little encouragement in the world and in life sometimes, so I thought I'd take time to give…

November 2009

News – Iran drops anti-state charge

Iran drops anti-state charge  Iran has dropped its accusation against two women of conducting anti-state activities (October ET).      27-year-old…

November 2009

News – Hotel arrest

Hotel arrest Two Christian hotel owners from Liverpool are facing prosecution for debating their faith in conversation with a Muslim guest.    …

November 2009

News – Gift aid Unclaimed

Gift aid Unclaimed Nearly £750 million of Gift Aid is being lost because only two in every five UK donors complete…

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