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November 2011

Hymns row

WorshipHymns row Another leading minister in the Free Church of Scotland has tendered his resignation, following that Church's decision, in…

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November 2011

EMW looks ahead

Event EMW looks ahead Churches in Machynlleth, Llandudno, Gower, Welshpool and Bala are considering how to extend outreach in their areas,…


November 2011

Proclaiming Christ

Proclaiming Christ Emmanuel Church, Salisbury, played host to a two-day event on 16-17 September, when the 15th Salisbury Conference took place.Dr…


November 2011

God’s miracle school

Joyce Gaudern, a retired teacher from Ripon, has visited Nicaragua three times since 2007 and has helped home-school Joshua and…


November 2011

Faith and politics

Faith and politics Flamboyant former minister and practising Roman Catholic Ann Widdecombe has claimed faith gets too much of a bad…

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The Sovereignty of God Debate
George Kalantzis

How is God sovereign with respect to creation? Does creation affect God? Does God suffer or change because of creation? If so, how is this related to Christology? Why have these questions been so controversial in evangelical theology, even costing…

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John Calvin – Man of God’s Word
Peter Barnes

Martin Luther said that 'once the pure and certain Word is taken away, there remains no consolation, no salvation, no hope'. That is where the church found itself just before the Reformation. No man did more to point the church…

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Josiah’s Reformation
Richard Sibbes

Richard Sibbes always sought to get under the superficial layer of his listeners' behaviour and deal with their hearts. He knew that the outward acts of sin spring from the inner desires of the heart. Merely to alter a person's…

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True Spirituality
Vaughan Roberts

What does it mean to be a truly spiritual Christian? At a time when there is no shortage of answers competing for our attention, how do we know what really is from God? This book looks for answers in the…