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October 1995

Real REPENTANCE – do you have it?

When Jesus began to preach, he told his hearers to 'repent' (Matthew 4:17). He stated in Luke 13 that unless…

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October 1995

The true God

Concerning the character of God, what gross mistakes men make! I believe it is a mistake about God himself which…

October 1995

The dying words of Jesus- ‘My God,…

Jesus was nailed to the cross at nine in the morning. He died at three in the afternoon. The first…

October 1995

Pictures of heaven 4

The tabernacle of God is with men The mention of a tabernacle immediately brings before our minds the journey of…

October 1995

Harvest provision

How fair, how fruitful is the land Blessed by the great Creator's hand; The bounty that the earth displays Demands…

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