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October 2001

The old lady with the two umbrellas

The story concerned gold coins that were mysteriously being smuggled out of France into Spain. The French authorities knew exactly…

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October 2001

Missionary Spotlight – Macedonia: the Albanian part

The Republic of Macedonia is about a third the size of Scotland, surrounded by Greece, Albania, Kosova, Serbia and Bulgaria.…

October 2001

Missionary Spotlight – Moving mountains in Mongolia

On the other side of the mountain lies a place of intense darkness. A place where for hundred of years…

October 2001

The Lord’s Prayer

6.   TemptationThe sixth petition of the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:13; Luke 11:4) concerns something very intrusive in our life’s experience…

October 2001

Facing death

'You will be gathered to your people', God told his servant Moses, now over a hundred years old and still…

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