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October 2002

Missionary Spotlight – Nigeria revisited

Nigeria is a country of contrasts. It is vibrant with life and activity, and yet shows enormous differences in lifestyle. In…

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October 2002

William Perkins (1558-1602) -Soul-winning champion of orthodoxy

Picture the scene. On a tall, wooden scaffold stands a man dressed in rags and with his hands bound. His…

October 2002

Rapture crazy

The cutting edgeAn occasional series on doctrinal issues todayThe USA is going ‘rapture crazy’. The evidence of a recent series…

Missionary Spotlight : Nigeria: a satanic attack

The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ recently stirred up an attack from the kingdom of darkness in Port Harcourt,…

October 2002

Rolfe Barnard – 1904-1969

God has often moved in a mysterious way, and especially in his choice of Rolfe Barnard to preach the gospel…

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