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‘The dungeon flamed with light’ – Evangelical…

Jonathan Edwards (2) J onathan Edwards was born exactly 300 years ago on 5 October 1703 at East Windsor, Connecticut,…

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October 2003

Concerning Cults – The Raëlian Movement

On the Continent, and in France especially, Claude Vorilhon is well known. For one thing, he was a former French…


October 2003

The Welwyn Commentaries

It was in 1957 that I was appointed to my first country school — a one-teacher school at ‘Iron Pot…


October 2003

The older we grow

Christian experts agree — the older we grow, the more we need the family of God.You have probably seen alarming…


October 2003

Missionary Spotlight – Turkish memories

 Life was never boring when my husband David and I were living in Turkey. Difficult, eventful, yes — but never…

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