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October 2004

Preaching Christ

10. New Testament practice (cont.)'Then Philip opened his mouth and beginning at this Scripture preached Jesus to him' (Acts 8:35)Last…

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October 2004

Guest Column

The joy of Jesus ChristIn his book The four loves, C. S. Lewis analyses four different kinds of love. The…

October 2004

Christ’s new covenant

2. A better covenantIn the previous article we considered the 'main point' that Christ is our High Priest and intercessor,…

October 2004

Missionary Spotlight – Zambia today

We have wonderful opportunities to preach Christ in Zambia, and the people are so ready to listen!Lusaka Baptist Church's (LBC)…

October 2004

ET for Christmas?

‘It’s cheap but not nasty!’ someone said. ‘Sure, you would pay that for a good evangelistic tract!’ another commented. The…

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