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October 2005

Are chimps our second cousins?

The mapping of the complete chimpanzee genome, announced recently, has raised again the question of man’s relationship to other primates.…

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October 2005

Seven steps to a full life?

Joel Osteen, Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, is the Norman Vincent Peale of our generation. While Osteen has…

October 2005

What God can do

One day, a young woman asked her mother for a Bible, because she was anxious to have her own just…

October 2005

Holocaust Denial 2. The arguments

I explained last month what I mean by 'Holocaust denial' - namely, rejection of the fact that, as a matter…

October 2005

The truth shall set you free

An edited extract from an address given by Home Mission Worker Donald J. Morrison to the Free Church of Scotland…

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