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October 2015

New minister for Stornoway

Rev. Hugh Ferrier has become the first ever minister of the High Free Church in Stornoway, after the 28-year-old accepted…

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October 2015

ACTS in Lagos

Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) has given thanks to God for the provision of a big sum of money to help…


October 2015

Bede exhibition

A cast of the skull of Bede — the so-called ‘father of English history’ — has been put on display…


October 2015

Blessing at Christ’s Reformed Baptist Church, Port…

The result of the presidential election in Nigeria on 28 March sent shock waves across the world. There were mixed…


John Owen (1616–1683)

John Owen, perhaps the greatest of the Puritan theologians, was born sometime in 1616 — 400 years ago, next year…

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Chris Woodall

Chris Woodall, of North-West University in South Africa, has produced a book adding to the growing list of publications on the doctrine of atonement. It comes as third in a series, following Covenant and Kingdom. I have not read the…

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The English Reformation and the Puritans (DVD)
Michael Reeves

One of the criticisms of the way history is taught in schools is that pupils come away knowing a bit about Henry VIII and his six wives, some details of the horrors of the slave trade and something about Hitler,…

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Evangelistic Preaching
Roger Carswell

Don’t read this book if you want a comfortable, easy-going Christian life! It is aimed particularly at preachers, but its message applies to all of us acting on Jesus’ words: ‘You shall be my witnesses’ (Acts 1:8). The introduction, ‘The…

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His love endures for ever
Garry Williams

This book is a profound and thoughtful meditation on the love of God, by an author clearly moved by his subject. Each of the chapters consists of three sections: an explanation followed by an applicatory meditation and a prayer. The…