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October 2016

Mission – Christian Heritage Centre

The Christian Heritage Centre, Rowley Regis, Birmingham, now in its fifth year, held its popular annual cream tea and second-hand…

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October 2016

The progress of Christianity in Finland

As a Protestant Christian from Finland, I trace my spiritual heritage back to the Finnish Reformation, when the country turned…


October 2016

The printed word

A woman went to her local Christian bookshop and purchased a copy of a book called Ten girls who changed…


October 2016

Induction – Glasgow City Free Church

Rev. Allan Shearer was ordained and inducted to the role of assistant minister of Glasgow City Free Church, part of…


October 2016

Mission: North Africa – New Bible translation

It has taken 30 years to translate the New Testament into the West African Tawallammat language, but that is just…

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Knowing Christ
Mark Jones

Shortly after becoming a Christian, Mark Jones read J. I. Packer’s Knowing God. This book made a profound impact on him, and Knowing Christ is something of a follow-up to Packer’s classic. Packer himself writes an enthusiastic foreword to the…

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Preparation for Ministry
Allan Harman

A great little book on a vital subject. It comes in two halves. The first contains the author’s own thoughts on the subject, comprising seven pithy but structured chapters covering the basics for an introduction to a life of ministry.…

From the Pen of Pastor Paul – 1-2 Thessalonians
Daniel R. Hyde

I found this book personally helpful. Although accessible to all Christians, it reminded me of what lies at the heart of a pastor’s work. The author explains how its content is taken from sermons preached to his church from Paul’s two…

Opening up Deuteronomy
Andrew Thomson

For someone surveying the books that comprise our Bible, wondering which to read, or for a preacher deciding which to preach, Deuteronomy would not be an immediate choice. But it is in the Bible and, according to Paul, is ‘useful’…