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September 2003

‘The dungeon flamed with light’-Evangelical revivals of…

The writings of the New England divine Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) are of special importance when it comes to the subject…

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The cutting edge- An occasional series on…

Once, you had to be a world traveller to see other cultures first-hand. Today, these cultures exist almost anywhere in…


September 2003

Spurgeon at Menton (2)

Spurgeon’s friend and host, Dr Bennet, is buried at Menton in the higher of the two cemeteries above the old…


September 2003

New Testament Church Practice – Part (2)

How did the local church worship in New Testament times? Last month we began to look at the issues raised…


September 2003

Missionary Spotlight – Fact File – Madagascar

Fact File - MadagascarArea: 226,657 square miles; the fourth largest island in the world; lying east of Mozambique. Environment: The climate…

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