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September 2008

Missionary Spotlight – Myanmar’s devastation

Myanmar's devastation UK missionary Brian Ellis has sent this report by Peter Ci Thang of a recent visit to the Irrawaddy…

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September 2008

News – UN backs down

UN backs down  The president of the UN Human Rights Council ruled on 16 June that the Council is not…

September 2008

Review – Six-day creation – Day One

Six-day creation: Does it matter what you believe? Robert GurneyDay One Publications; 64 pages; £4.00ISBN: 978 1846250972 The author of this short…

September 2008

News – Chinese persecution

Chinese persecution  Bike Zhang, pastor and chairman of the Federation House Church, and his wife Xie Fenglan were forced from…

September 2008

Comment – Love, the reality check

Love, the reality check John's first epistle seeks, among other things, to delineate the marks of a true Christian. And no…

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